Saturday, March 25th


This Saturday, March 25th at 2:00 we will meet at the Berea City Park picnic shelter (right behind the swimming pool), where we will be making miniature alters to welcome spring. Everyone is encouraged to bring an old egg carton or cardboard box for each kid. We will send the kids out on the nature trail to search for objects that represent spring and what it means to them. Once they've collected their items we'll light a few candles for each alter, talk about what we found, and honor the coming of spring!


I know many of your kids are enrolled in soccer this spring (my own included), so I have decided to reduce the number of meet-ups to every other week. I realize that the schedules for people whose kids are involved in soccer will be all over the place and not everyone will be able to participate in all our events, but I hope folks will come out and participate as much as they can.  I anticipate that once soccer season is over we will be ready to start up weekly adventures once again!