Outdoor Adventurers Club

 Outdoor Adventurers Club | Photo by  Justin Skeens

Outdoor Adventurers Club | Photo by Justin Skeens

Today we are very excited to announce our sponsorship of the brand new Outdoor Adventurers Club. 


The Outdoor Adventurers Club was created by Berea resident and Berea College alumna Heather Dent.  Heather created the Outdoor Adventurers Club (OAC) to "cultivate a love and appreciation for nature, and provide a variety of unique activities for kids to inspire creativity, curiosity, and self-reliance".  

Heather leads the  OAC every Saturday, usually at 2pm through Berea's green spaces and natural environments. Last week, the OAC spearheaded a cleanup effort at Brushy Fork creek where they cleared the space of over four garbage bags worth of trash.

Learn more about the Outdoor Adventurers Club, Heather, or join the club by clicking the button below.