Identity Sketches for the City of Berea Kentucky

I've lived in Berea for over 40 years. I've always loved the small town and its tree-covered landscape - the Pinnacles, Brushy Fork, Owsley Fork Lake, and the seemingly never ending, backroads twisting through the farm lands.

I've loved watching Berea grow.  We now have three new, locally owned restaurants sourcing from local farmers: Native Bagel Company, Clementines Bakery, and Noodle Nirvana.  More and more small businesses are popping up like Urban Uprising.  Exciting new craft markets have opened to include local artists and crafts folk with Berea Makers Market.  Live music continues to grow and thrive in Berea with First Friday and the crowd-supported Levitt Amp Music series.

As Berea continues to grow, so do the needs of the City. Berea is taking steps to modernize and unify its community. The old City Hall building was torn down and work is nearly done on the new building which will house City administrators, the Berea Police Department, and the Berea Fire Department. As both a designer and passionate fan of Berea, I began to think about the opportunity this new direction provided for this wonderful town.  There's never been a better a time to contemplate Berea's Identity. 

Berea's current City logo displays the old, no-longer-with-us City Hall.  Keeping this logo would only confuse visitors and imply significance to a building the City has since replaced.  

 City of Berea, Kentucky logo

City of Berea, Kentucky logo

Berea is many things to many people. Ultimately, City Hall is the embodiment of all those things.  It is Berea.  City Hall is where the community gathers to voice their thoughts and express their concerns, it's where decisions are made, it's where those who protect our streets and our homes are based, and it makes sense the new building should be in the logo. And then I had it.


My version of the City of Berea logo. It’s bold, clean, and easily adaptable–yet still interesting. What went into it?

THE CIRCLE - The circle has long been a symbol of unity, protection, and longevity - City Hall is part of the circle here, touching either side, further strengthening the community identity.

A SINGLE COLOR - An updated take on the current logo color. A single color continues to strengthen the core concepts of togetherness and community: City Hall becomes part of the foundation  and part of the enclosing circle. Refining the color to a hue which can be replicated on both print and digital mediums and is easily visible from any distance.

CITY HALL - A clean, bold take on the new City Hall building. Easy to distinguish and reminiscent of the old logo. The building stands on a strong foundation (visualized by the blue under it).

TYPOGRAPHY - Set in bold, all caps text, and reversed against the background, your eye is immediately drawn to the word BEREA.  BEREA is easily legible and still the focus as the logo decreases in size.  The remaining text serves to frame and draw the eye to BEREA.

Here are a few things the logo can do.


 City of Berea, Kentucky logo black

City of Berea, Kentucky logo black

Rendering a logo in a single color is an absolute must and the foundation for good identity design. 



City department names can be added without losing any foundational elements of the logo.

You can also use the logo in a more minimal capacity, removing the circles and implying shape instead. I love how this one suggests the shape of a shield.


Shirt options for Berea fans and staff.


Also perfect for fleet vehicles.


This was a fun exercise to work on and think about as Berea continues to grow-welcoming new businesses and ideas to the community.  We look forward to see what Berea and Bereans do next!