Photo by  thecosmicpretzel
Photo by Michael Startzman

Photo by Michael Startzman

Brushy Fork Park offers a beautiful, serene setting complete with a flowing creek and shaded picnic tables. Brushy Fork is located right in town, directly behind Berea College's Alumni building, about a half-mile from Boone Tavern - off of Scaffold Cane Rd.

Brushy Fork features plenty of open field space as well as miles of trails for exploring.  Trails range from easy to moderate and provide limited overlook views during the Summer when the trees are fully green and leaved.  Brushy Fork teems with wildlife all year long.  Listen for Barred Owls calling to one another in the early mornings, watch Indigo Buntings dart above the brush and brambles by the creek, and if you're quiet enough, you can spot deer in the fields and along the trails. 

Photo by  jordanmbrynes

Photo by jordanmbrynes


No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails.  Dogs are required to be on-leash.  The Park offers limited parking, especially when the gate is closed which it frequently is.  Some parking is available in a small gravel lot.  Berea College decals are required for the paved parking lot behind the Alumni building. There are no bathrooms at the park. Trashcan on site.